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I cried last night when I was preparing my lunch for today, just because I’m finding there is no easy, quick, desirable choice, such as a sandwich. It came together, and all was right with the world. This was my lunch:

ImageTurkey, cheese, cucumbers, cashews, and an apple. I didn’t eat all of it, but I was aiming for variety. I have been trying to decide what my go-to snack is going to be. I know that I will not always be in a situation where I am presented with gluten-free options, and it’s not practical to carry around produce in my purse. I normally would eat Cheez-Its or Wheat Thins, but those are clearly out of the picture now. I’ve decided my go-to will be cashews, for now. I’ve always loved them!

For dinner, I made chili. I have always, always used McCormick seasoning, but for some reason I picked up a different brand at the store last time I went grocery shopping. Come to find out, McCormick is not gluten-free, but the brand I randomly picked up is. I was so excited to see that I did that before I even knew!

ImageWilliams Chili Seasoning is does not contain gluten, and I would barely be able to tell a difference between these two seasonings in a taste test.

Tonight we went to the store so I could pick out some food that I can eat. I bought a couple of pastas to try; they are both Tinkyada brand, recommended to me by a good friend. I am eager to try them! Other than that, I mostly bought natural foods: apples, cashews, avocados, etc. I’m still feeling great!

Oh yeh– I also had a hot-fudge sundae from Braum’s. They say that their ice creams are gluten-free, as long as you don’t get a kind that has baked goods in it. I’ve never been big on ice cream, but my long-standing favorite is permanently a no-go: cookies and cream. Oh well. Their hot fudge does not contain gluten, and I needed a reward for my luckluster meals. 🙂